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We invite you to explore the PLAN Center, a joy filled, center-based ABA program with an integrated whole-child approach. The PLAN center is designed to help kids with autism learn new skills, make new friends and most importantly, be themselves!

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"When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower."Alexander Den Heijer

Little Fox Program

18 months through 5 years old

The Little Fox program is a dynamic early intervention program for preschool aged children.  We teach school readiness behavior, communication, and social skills in a preschool-like fully integrated therapeutic program.

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TWIST Program

5 through 21 years old

Therapy with Integrated Social Time (TWIST) is a program as vibrant as the children and teens who participate. We facilitate meaningful relationships, conversation, and play through group activities, direct therapy and peer interaction.

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Family Connections

All Ages

A child’s family is the most important component of their life, which is why family is such a huge part of our program. Through hands-on training, collaboration, and teamwork, the Family Connection connects families and helps support meaningful interactions between families and their child.

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What exactly is ABA?

Simply put, ABA is a therapeutic method for figuring out how each child learns and what motivates them, and then using that knowledge to teach. Everyone learns differently and it is our job to create an environment where each child can learn. ABA is the most effective, evidence-based treatment for individuals with autism and developmental delays. The methodology we use to teach is personalized to fit every individual child’s needs — yours included.

At PLAN, we focus on highly individualized ABA therapies, but we bring them to our kids in unique ways that are FUN, IMPACTFUL, and can be applied to REAL LIFE situations. We believe that kids learn best in an atmosphere of love and support. For our kids, PLAN’s caring and dedicated staff feel like family, and our beautiful center feels like home. We believe in Natural Environment Learning and big, bright, beautiful spaces where your child can THRIVE.

We understand that starting ABA can seem overwhelming. We are here to help you understand the process by guiding and supporting every step of the way.