Passion + Purpose + Progress =
an Incredible PLAN

ABA should be dynamic, full of laughter, and really fun!  At PLAN, it is important to spark joy, support curiosity, and increase engagement.

PLAN has been providing services in Frederick for fourteen years. Our Frederick-based clinic is unique in many ways, starting with its location in a beautiful, cozy, converted home. We love open spaces full of natural light and value time spent outside for learning and growth.

PLAN delivers the opposite of the outdated model of ABA in seclusion.

While individual skills are important, knowing how to use those skills in daily life is essential.  At PLAN, we teach and practice skills in the same way that kids will use them in their lives.  We make sure that we target meaningful milestones and behaviors that are significant to the child and their family.  Social skills, communication, and behavior do not occur in isolation, so we do not teach or practice them in isolation either.

How We PLAN Every Day

  • Progress We love to celebrate the progress of our kids; their success is our success!
  • Learning Learning should be joyful, filled with excitement, and uniquely tailored for each child.
  • Autism Every child or teen and their family has a unique ABA plan designed to support growth, functioning and quality of life.
  • Network We build strong networks of collaboration, support, and professional experience with each family and other professionals.

Our Home Base

We chose our light filled, indoor/outdoor home-base because it provides a relaxed and comfortable learning environment. Check it out for yourself!

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Meet Team PLAN

We are a team of energetic and enthusiastic professionals who don’t just specialize in Applied Behavioral Analysis, we specialize in fun and innovation, too!

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The PLAN Approach

Our whole-child and arts-integrated approach provides opportunities for both discrete trial AND group activities with social opportunities sprinkled throughout every day.

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The bottom line - we truly LOVE what we do and have as much FUN learning as your child will each day.

But, hey, don’t take it from us, here’s what some of our families have to say about us: